Mens Retro 2 Cafe Racer Leather Jacket

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It’s an ideal fit for biker, covered with a smooth YKK zip and buttoned closure. It is also equipped with four pockets, two zippered ones on the chest and two on the sides which are perfectly spacious and convenient for any essentials.


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About Retro 2 Cafe Racer Leather Jacket for Men

Get your hands on the men’s Retro 2 cafe racer leather jacket and reinvent yourself in a jiffy! This jacket is an inspiration from the retro theme and built to impress and work wonders on the audience. The detailing on the sleeves and design require great attention to detail and that makes it an ostentatious piece to own. It provides relief to bikers from extreme cold, dust, and harsh weather conditions. It’s an ideal fit for winters, covered with a smooth YKK zip and buttoned closure. It is also equipped with four pockets, two zippered ones on the chest and two on the sides. These are perfectly spacious and convenient for carrying any essentials.

The sleeves of this Retro 2 jacket are of full-length along with zippered cuffs and a classy design on the shoulders. It’s warmer than you think because it consists of real leather. This Retro 2 motorcycle jacket is an excellent option as it has been specifically designed for the thrill of the ride and adventure while not having to compromise on comfort and versatility. It offers ease of wear along with finesse. It is easy to style it for everyday wear and for formal dinners too. This Retro 2 jacket is more reliable and maintainable for a longer period because it’s made from 100% real leather. For better support, it’s lined with soft viscose lining.

The rich black color is a plus in terms of style and contrasts well with the white and red stripes. There is no exaggeration when it comes to defining the pristine class and elegance that it offers. This is something you can experience yourself. Once you witness the feel of it on your shoulders and the reactions it brings, you’ll become a fan yourself. There is no time to waste! This Retro 2 motorcycle cafe racer leather jacket is the perfect choice for winter wear and will provide you with both warmth and style. Get it now and see how it works it’s magic!

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9 reviews for Mens Retro 2 Cafe Racer Leather Jacket

  1. Liyah Patric

    Ordered this jacket as a surprise gift for my fiancee and from the look of glee on his face, I could tell he loves the gift. He’s worn it many times since he got it and tells me he loves it. Will definitely recommend buying from Jacket Arena as their stuff is legit and really amazing!

  2. Chris Jake

    I love collecting retro jackets as it’s my favorite color, especially when it comes to winter clothes. I have to admit that it was the beautiful rich grey color that caught my eye and I just had to order this jacket for myself. I ordered it a month back and it arrived just in time for a rooftop winter BBQ my best friend threw last week. I can’t ever remember receiving so many compliments in one single night and I was so flattered by all the attention. This jacket is a must have for all jacket lovers out there.

  3. Logan Mark

    Got this as a birthday present from my brother and wore it to a shopping trip with my fiancé. To be very honest, this was the only time she’s complimented my sense of style and it made me very happy to hear her praises. That is why I had to ask my brother where he got the jacket from and that led me here. I spent a lot of time browsing through the different styles of jackets and can’t help being impressed. This is a great site and delivers on their promises. Good value for money too.

  4. David Hoob

    I bought this last week and wore it on the same day because I was way too excited to wait. I have to say that it definitely lived up to and actually even exceeded my expectations. Will surely shop from here again.

  5. Joshua B.

    As someone who loves to shop online and has had a habit of shopping since I was old enough to have a card, I can’t tell you how pleased I am with their customer service and fast results. The jacket itself was on a whole other level but I am immensely happy with their services too. The whole experience was smooth from start to finish and I have nothing but words of appreciation for jacket arena. Amazing quality, amazing service and wonderful people.

  6. Martin Louis

    I ordered this jacket as a thankyou gift for myself and I’m very grateful that I did because this jacket has exceeded my expectations by a lot! I love it! Genuinely can’t wait for my wife and kids to see me in this.

  7. Abdullah Khalid

    I usually don’t shop online because let’s face it, online shopping can be a risky ordeal but jacket arena has gained my life long trust! Everything was perfect. From the delivery to the packaging to the item itself. Consider me a happy customer. I have already suggested this site to my friends and will hopefully be buying again

  8. Ashok Perkash

    I love retro jackets and have a habit of collecting them. This is one of my favorite ones. Everything was just perfect. Not only does it fit well, its so comfortable to wear and gives a great fit. Love this site!

  9. George Loid

    This is the first time a recommendation has actually worked out well for me. I absolutely love the collection and the service. Just thought I’d write a review because its rare that online shopping turns out to be so convenient and give you good results.

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